Minnick was founded by brothers Randy, Rusty and Rob Minnick, veterans of the HVAC industry who discovered the whole-house approach to building science championed by the Building Performance Institute (BPI) and decided that the HVAC industry needed to get involved.91f2399e-7d49-4d1e-9aa4-e4ed2e7c1122_zps9cb285b1


What is Minnick ?

Minnick is a brick-and-mortar and online school that provides building performance training for HVAC professionals, weatherization technicians, contractors, homeowners and anyone else interested in learning about building science and the “whole-house approach” to building performance. At our Maryland location, we provide hands-on training with an emphasis on real-world problems and solutions, and a determination to provide custom training paths for the wide variety of students we serve.

What is BPI?

BPI (The Building Performance Institute) is the nation’s leading┬ácertification organization for building performance professionals. It is a required credential for participation in many of the country’s weatherization and home energy efficiency programs, which provide incentives for homeowners and business owners to make energy efficient improvements to their buildings. But it can be a powerful designation beyond program participation, as well, as homeowners and professionals from a variety of industries are becoming increasingly aware of the value of this prestigious certification.

Why Start Minnick?

We started Minnick because it was the right thing to do. We enjoy learning, we enjoy teaching, and we believe that the next generation of HVAC professionals will be trained in building performance and building energy efficiency. We’d like to do our part to make sure that anyone who wants to be a part of this transition to 21st century building has access to the tools and the resources to do so.