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The Minnick Test House

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With the Minnick test House we offer a specially designed house in which to test our students. Specially created for testing, we believe that the Minnick Test House is an important component of building science education.
Among the features of the Minnick Test House for BPI certification:

Building Envelope

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The Minnick Test House allows students the opportunity to test for their BPI Building Analyst and Envelope certifications here at Minnick. The building envelope (which consists of an air barrier and a thermal barrier)  is one of the most important components of an energy efficient building. It’s much easier to understand the building envelope in theory, but real-life buildings often include complications that can throw new building science students for a loop. The Test House allows students of Minnick to test inside a real-life envelope, without inconvenienceing a customer or client.

 MinnickUTestHouse 010-250x300Combustion Safety 

Combustion safety techniques are one of the key things in BPI training. In the Minnick Test House, students are given the opportunity to use real combustion equipment for safety and energy efficiency.




MinnickUTestHouse 008-300x250BPI Certified Testing House

Here at Minnick, we provide the test house, proctor, and if needed (decided in advance) the equipment to take all Building Analyst and Envelope field tests within our test house.
For more information about the Minnick Test House, or to schedule your BPI testing today, feel free to contact us.



Minnick also rents out the test house to any companies and/or other training companies that want somewhere to test their students. Contact us for more information if you are interested in learning more.

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The Minnick Training House