Training Philosophy

Install-tech-training-300x224Minnick provides tailored training to anyone with the desire to learn about building performance — whether to progress their career, to begin a new career, or simply to understand how buildings work in order to improve building safety, indoor air quality and energy efficiency.

On the Cutting Edge…

The Building Performance industry is a growth industry that’s poised for expansion, and will likely affect many of the trades within the building industry. As homeowners, real estate professionals, architects and others become increasingly aware of the benefits of energy efficiency improvements – comfort, savings, environmental and social responsibility, health and safety, building durability and more – we believe that the next wave of building professionals will be trained in building science.

Education Tailored to Your Needs…

We train HVAC technicians, carpenters, weatherization technicians, builders, homeowners and more. Each type of student has unique needs depending on their personal and professional goals, and we’re happy to customize our training in order to help YOU achieve your goals.

For more information about Minnick’s training philosophy, feel free to contact us today.