Home Energy Professional Certification Exams

In June 2012, the Building Performance Institute, Inc. (BPI) introduced four new Home Energy Professional certifications to the nation’s weatherization and home performance workforce. The four certifications focus on the most common job classifications in the home energy upgrade industry: energy auditor, retrofit installer, crew leader and quality control inspector.

The new credentials will meet the international benchmark for personnel certifications across all industries – the International Organization for Standardization’s (ISO 17024) standard. Under ISO 17024, each new certification is developed and administered using international best practices, such as cross-disciplinary peer review and industry validation of technical materials.

The new certifications will complement and build upon BPI’s existing credentials in the home performance career ladder, where increased knowledge and skills lead to advancement. They are designed to allow professionals in the home energy upgrade industry build both a stackable and lateral career lattice. These certifications will not replace or interfere with professional certifications in the building trades, such as HVACR, plumbing or remodeling, but rather are intended to support the four most common whole-house home performance job roles.

We are now offering Exams for 2 out of the 4 job classifications. Please feel free to register for exams or inquire about pricing by calling 301/953-2820.

Please fill out the Applications below and send the application along with required proof to Please remember to bring the letter from BPI to your exam.

Energy Auditor Exams (Prerequisites)
Application & Handbook

Energy Auditor Written Exam: $475 REGISTER

Energy Auditor Field Exam: $850 REGISTER

Quality Control Inspector Exams (Prerequisites)
Application & Handbook

Quality Control Inspector Written Exam: $475 REGISTER

Quality Control Inspector Field Exam: $850 REGISTER

*Written exams for both tests are timed at 2.5 hours, the field exam for the Quality Control Inspector is timed at 3.5 hours, and the field exam for the Energy Auditor is 4 hours.

The equipment needed for both field exams is as follows:

• Blower Door set-up
• CO Analyzer
• Manometer
• Gas Leak Detection Meter
• Smoke stick and/or Mirror
• Pressure Pan
• Combustion Analyzer
• Duct Pressurization set-up
• Exhaust Fan Flow Meter

If a candidate does not have access to testing equipment, the proctor will ensure that the candidate has the appropriate testing equipment needed to complete an exam.

The proctor may, but is not required to, provide a candidate with testing equipment (with or without fee) or provide the candidate with rental options from third-party sources. If the appropriate equipment is not available to the candidate, the field exam will be postponed until the candidate can make arrangements to secure the proper equipment.

The proctor and test centers will verify that equipment supplied is in good working order and all calibrations are up-to-date. All diagnostic testing required on a certification scheme must be completed with appropriate equipment on a functioning system (no simulation testing is permitted).
NOTE: You will need to have use of your own laptop computer at our testing facility, that can access wifi. BPI Standards will be provided. It is recommended that one use their own equipment for field testing; however, if you cannot, equipment can be provided to you for a $75 fee and a required two days notice before the test.