INTERCAZ: An Interactive Simulation Training Game for Combustion Safety

Building on years of training in residential energy efficiency, Interplay Energy introduces a simulation training game designed to accelerate the learning of combustion appliance safety (CAS). Much like flight simulators used for pilot training, INTERCAZ™ is a cost effective tool that helps contractors and students master Combustion Appliance Safety by engaging them in an immersive, life-like and fun training game.

INTERCAZ represents an important step forward into the future of energy education. In a world where logistics and costs limit field training, INTERCAZ bridges the gap between classroom concepts and real world complexity. It enables students to practice numerous virtual combustion safety scenarios with almost unlimited variability. By incorporating critical principles of game-based learning, INTERCAZ ensures that a student’s understanding of combustion safety is rapid and thorough.


We recognize that the most effective combustion safety training is when students apply their classroom knowledge through practice in a variety of houses with an array of different furnaces, water heaters and CAZ setups. However, high cost and logistical challenges limit this possibility. Now, with INTERCAZ , your students can get this experience without leaving their computer, making your training more effective and more efficient.

What is it?

Intercaz is a comprehensive Combustion Appliance Safety training simulation program.

Delivered over web; accessed through Internet Explorer (32 bit) and Google Chrome. Currently, not compatible with Mac/Apple.

  • Scenario engine with numerous scenarios and endless variability
  • Matched to BPI standards
  • 3-D equipment and appliances make the simulation feel like a real world environment
  • Built on principles of effective game-based learning

How does it work?

Game-based training has been shown to be an effective and efficient way to increase skills and improve knowledge retention. Based on fundamental learning principles, INTERCAZ allows for:

  • Incremental, self-paced learning
  • Immediate feedback loops
  • Measurable results: scored and feedback provided
  • Practice, practice, practice . . .

Who should use it?

Anybody looking to accelerate the learning of Combustion Safety, including:

  • Training organizations for Building Performance Institute (BPI) or Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET)
  • Weatherization training organizations
  • Utility program providers needing additional training opportunities and looking to reduce risk and liability.
  • Individuals preparing for certification tests or real world audits.



Options: Buy Now
1 Week Activation | $79
3 Week Activation | $110
(Included with BPI BA Program)
CEU Version | $229