Courses A La Carte – Home Performance Series

107-1 PBS House as a System $69 | REGISTER

This module is an introduction to the concept of a structure being an inter-active system, with component systems working and effecting each other; impacting the operational environment and comfort levels within the building. (3 NATE Recognized CEHs, 1.5 BPI CEUs)

107-2 PBS Air Flow Basics $69 | REGISTER

This Module examines the forces and conditions that allow air to flow into, out of, or within a building. Topics such as Controlled versus uncontrolled airflow, Causes of air pressure within buildings, Types of holes & other pathways and Effects of airflow are discussed.(3 NATE Recognized CEHs, 1.5 BPI CEUs)

107-3 PBS Heat Flow, Insulation, Windows $69 | REGISTER

Methods of heat transfer, insulation and thermal comfort are discussed in this Module. (3 NATE Recognized CEHs, 1.5 BPI CEUs)

107-4 PBS Framing & Air Sealing $69 | REGISTER

Recognition of building elements and their interaction in relation to energy performance is covered in this Module. (3 NATE Recognized CEHs, 1.5 BPI CEUs)

107-5 PBS Moisture Management $69 | REGISTER

Topics in this module include controlling moisture flow and it’s impact on health, safety and comfort as well as building durability and energy efficiency. (3 NATE Recognized CEHs, 1.5 BPI CEUs)

107-6 PBS Conditioning Strategies $69 | REGISTER

For a buildings systems to create an economical and healthy comfort zone, a plan of action, or conditioning strategy must be implemented. This module covers the methods and equipment considered in this development. (3 NATE Recognized CEHs, 1.5 CEUs)

107-7 PBS Ventilation $69 | REGISTER

The subject of this module is the proper ventilation of a building. Supply, sources, balance and terminology are discussed as well as HRV and ERV systems. (3 NATE Recognized CEHs, 1.5 BPI CEUs)

107-8 PBS Combustion Safety $69 | REGISTER

With this Module, Combustion Safety is introduced to the student. Combustion Theory and Operational guidelines for fossil fuel fired devices are discussed in detail. (3 NATE Recognized CEHs, 1.5 BPI CEUs)

107-9 PBS IAQ Basics $69 | REGISTER

With the desire to increase comfort levels in buildings, indoor air pollution and pressure-induced air quality problems have increased also. This module takes on these topics and serves as a guideline for repairing or constructing a home with attention paid to details that affect the indoor environment and air quality. (3 NATE Recognized CEHs, 1.5 BPI CEUs)

301 PCBA-1 Observation Techniques and Data Collection $79 | REGISTER

In this module, we will explore the means of identifying and documenting the many issues which affect building durability and energy efficiency as well as the health and comfort of the occupants. ( 3 NATE recognized CEHs, 1.5 BPI CEUs )

301 PCBA-2 Assessment and Building Systems Analysis $79 | REGISTER

This module focuses attention on performing the visual assessment and building systems analysis of a home’s interior and exterior systems to understand the interactions of the systems and their impact on the buildings overall performance. ( 3 NATE recognized CEHs, 1.5 BPI CEUs )

301 PCBA-3 Blower Door & Zonal Pressure Diagnostics $79 | REGISTER

This module will focus on understanding and performing a “blower door test” and interpreting the test results. ( 3 NATE recognized CEHs, 1.5 BPI CEUs )

301 PCBA-4 Combustion Safety, Testing & Analysis $79 | REGISTER

The importance of understanding combustion and, more importantly, efficient combustion in this era of Green Building is greater than ever before. This is an advanced level module discussing the concepts and application of Combustion Safety, Testing and Analysis involving modern HVAC systems and equipment.( 3 NATE recognized CEHs, 1.5 BPI CEUs )

301 PCBA-5 Duct Diagnostics $79 | REGISTER

The benefits and basic procedures of utilizing a Duct Blaster in your home performance process is explained in this module. You will learn the components, basic setup and operation to perform a total duct leakage test. ( 3 NATE recognized CEHs, 1.5 BPI CEUs )

301 PCBA-6 Development & Customer Relations $79 | REGISTER

With this module you will begin to learn how a building performance contractor or consultant will be far more successful in business if you build a life long relationship with your customer. You will also learn how the work scope becomes a roadmap for your customer to make their home improvements. ( 3 NATE recognized CEHs, 1.5 BPI CEUs )